Fat Wednesday!

Well I seemed to completely miss Fat Tuesday but I have many fat Tuesdays so that is just fine so I am not sure why this one should be fatter than others. Today is Ash Wednesday, which is otherwise known as the first day of Lent. I keep seeing multiple posts about people giving up this or that and though I am not Catholic and have never made a practice of giving up anything for Lent, but who doesn’t want a good band wagon to jump on? My mind started pondering early this morning all the things I could abstain from during this time period. In another week and a half, I am going to start Whole 30 so I thought I could get a head start on eliminating a thing or two. (Now, in transparency, the reason I am going to do Whole 30 is because I just learned that supposedly I have a whole slew of food allergies so I need to do a food elimination diet to determine if these allergy test results have an iota of truth to them). The first thing I thought of giving up was dairy (a supposed allergy and I will have to give it up while on Whole 30). Then I realized I had already put cream in my coffee. Well how about I give up Diet Coke or artificial sweeteners? Before I knew it, I had blown that one too. I know… I will give up wine. But… then I wasn’t sure if that would really count since I haven’t had wine this year. I started thinking of all sort of rules I could put in place but quicker than I could stop myself I had partaken in just about everything I could think of today. It should have been called Fat Wednesday. I am surprised I didn’t take up smoking and drinking Everclear before the day concluded. Though I respect others who choose to honor this time with abstaining from sugar, beef, alcohol, Netflix or Facebook, thank God (literally!) that I am not required to do a darn thing over the next 46 days and can just rest in the fact that God’s grace is mine and nothing I do or don’t do at this point will ever change that.