Quit Trying!


There is “try,” only do or not do.

What are you trying to accomplish this week?  I want to encourage you to stop trying.  Yes, you heard me right.  Stop trying.  There is no value in trying anything, as there is no value in the word try.  You either do or not do.  Go ahead, take a sentence that has the word “try” in it and eliminate the word.  All the word “try” does is give you a mental option for failure.  I want to encourage you to get the word out of your vocabulary.  Each morning I put together a list of all the things I want to “try” to get done.  I always have some great excuses for why it doesn’t happen.  This week, I am throwing out my excuse list and I am going to honor the commitments I have made to myself.  There is no more trying.  There is only doing.  As I am working with my own Coach on time management this month, I have an increased awareness of all these little things I seem to want to “try” to do.  I am committed to being realistic about what I can accomplish in each day and making every intentional effort (oops…that might be another word for try!) to get it done.

There will be no making an effort, or giving it a shot, attempting to accomplish something, and definitely no trying! 

This week, I won’t allow the mental option for failure.  I am going to get it done!  What are you going to get done this week?  Make it a nonnegotiable in your head and simply decide to quit trying and start doing.


Have a great week everyone!